The two of us

Iris Karjula – 30 years experience in different industries and international leadership, renewal and change positions

Iris has worked for leading, developing and change of organizations in Europe and the Middle East in international and global organizations: corporate and investment banking, a global food chain, recruitment, management consulting, media and food services. She is also an experienced board professional in growth and medium-size companies and at the moment Chair of the Board Professionals Finland and Vice Chair of European Women on Boards. She has a Master’s degree in Economics and is an ICF Certified Business Coach (ACC) coaching executives, leaders and management teams in Finnish, Swedish and English.

LinkedIn: iriskarjula

iris@karjula.fi   +358 40 5207520

Juhani Karjula – 30 years of leadership and specialist assessments globally
Juhani has assessed and advised leaders, top management and middle management in Europe, the Middle East, Malaysia, in India and in the US. He has been a Partner at PwC Consulting and Country Manager of Cubiks Finland and Cubiks Middle East. Today he is an Entrepreneur and an Associate of Cubiks. Juhani has a Master’s degree in Psychology. He is Certified Assessor and a Certified Business Coach.

LinkedIn: juhanikarjula

juhani@karjula.fi   +358 400 444226

Iris Karjula

Juhani Karjula

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